VOIP User Network Environment

You have been tasked to design a network for a 100-user firm.  Considering VOIP and the user community, why would you assign Static, Dynamic (DHCP), or a combination of IP addresses?  

Depending on the network infrastructure, of supposing one hundred users, the network engineer must be able to make a discussion or rather to go with static IP, DHCP, or combination of IP address. There cannot be multiple DHCP servers on the same network without clustering the servers. If possible, I would design the voice network and data network separated with VLAN to divide out the broadcast domain to avoid DHCP conflict. There are some circumstances that on a user desk jack port may only have one port usable. Having a hundred hubs for every user desk may not be acceptable. Ways are using the PBX server to allow the phone set to forward network traffic to the user computer can connect to the internet via the phone set and the phone set connected to the switch. Using the static IP for the users of a hundred computers would not be a good idea. Managing the static IP to avoid IP address duplication and keeping a note of every computer can create more trouble and unnecessary operation operated by hand. Applying a static IP addressing may be the best fit for servers, printers, and networking devices.


Cisco (2006) Using One DHCP Server for Voice and Data Networks.




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