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In order to progress as an organization, it is a key focus on strategic planning towards new ideas and constantly changing to improve for the future. “It involves focusing not only on the present but also on the past (to identify lessons and best practices to apply now and into the future) and the future (to anticipate changing customer and client needs, changes in technology, and external forces likely to impact the organization’s vision, mission, or operational capacity or capability in a positive or negative way)” (Simerson, 2011 p.14) As time move forward, changes in the environment constantly occur. An effective leader would inspire his people to face challenges to achieve a mission towards a goal. I believe planning for organizational success demands focus on the vision of the company and strong sense in applying the future to the present.

An organization that I feel meaningful is an American designer and manufacturer of electronic vehicles, Tesla, Inc. I strongly feel that this company, not just have built an elegant designed automotive, but was the first to sell and manufacture an electronic sports car. “Tesla founder Elon Musk said that he got into the electric car business after it became clear that no one else was going to build an electric car” (Lawler, 2013) I felt that Elon Musk, hiring only the skilled engineers and designers to build something that has never been built before is a very inspiring. Being the only unique I believe is one of the best strategies, although Elon Musk, has also made a lot of risky decisions in funding this electronic car manufacturing business. Problems manufacturing a vehicle that has never built before, costed a lot more than expected. Still, Elon Musk kept on investing in the company, creating its own design lithium-ion battery, and now becoming a company everyone has heard of.

Tesla at this point is still growing and working hard for the next innovative model of its electronic vehicle. As Tesla working towards no emission, quality renewable energy, and affordability of electronic vehicle to the general public, Tesla motors are making an even larger battery manufacturing plant. We can see how this company take huge initiatives in a short amount of time, with planning that lead to even long term positive outcome. “Musk’s plan to make Tesla’s truly clean involves marrying the selling of vehicles with the installation of solar panels on houses” (Gans, 2016). Bringing two of the most uptime technology at this time together and having them both in their hands. Nothing more than well thought through concept. The ideas that Tesla displays are always innovative and creative in their own way and business.


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