Uniting the Nation: Economic Growth

December 17, 2017

During 1790 and 1860, the American economy has seen tremendous economic growth. There have been many contributions that have led to this factor. After the United States Constitution was put in place, the country has gone through numerous historical events such as the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. There have been significant changes in this time period that has impacted the economic growth in American. The most common field that has impacted the economic growth of the United States was the change in communication technology, the change in transportation, and changes in agricultural production.

Three Contribution to Economic Growth during the Industrial Revolution

During the period between 1790 and 1860, there was large development seen in transportation and telegraph. The transportation and communication revolution has emerged in the United States to the worldwide market. New roads were built, transportation routes provided faster communication, news spread much quicker, the canal system improved greatly in transportation, and the telegraph lines set across states brought the great communication revolution. (Colorado State University-Global Campus, 2017) By having the new roads and building the Erie Canal connected Albany to Buffalo, more transportation becomes available for trade business. More information was able to travel faster and more efficiently. In this era, the mass media was born and have impacted society. The Telegraph has made a great impact on the civil war and the industrial revolution for companies, government, and railroad communicate efficiently.

The construction of new roads and canal has definitely helped the revolution in transportation. Back in 1803, Congress has ordered that five percent of the money from land sales in the state should go towards the ‘National Road’ from the Atlantic coast across Ohio and westwards. (Shi & Tindall, 2016). Roads have quickly spread across the nation and make farm business grew by trading with a larger market. Water transportation has made a great improvement in transportation goods, livestock, and people across the Mississippi River. The Development of steamboat allowed to travel back upriver which have drastically increased traffic in the waterway, two ways. The growth of railroads is another contributor to the transportation revolution.

As transportation has become more available, people were able to travel more efficiently across cities and states. Another great contribution to the industrial revolution was by utilizing new machine and technology to innovate businesses. As Europe demanded more agricultural supply for trade, such as cotton. Machinery such as the cotton gin was introduced, which has dramatically increase the production of cotton and large growth in the cotton farm demanded more slaves. This has helped slavery to persist. Textile mill, for clothing, has also flourished and many women have traveled to be occupied in the textile mill.


During the time of tremendous economic growth during 1790 and 1860, America has expanded its business and made a great improvement in infrastructure. The improvement in transportation has helped local farmers to trade at a larger market, and communication technology has supported greatly in their operation. The significant changes during this period that has impacted the economic growth in American. This change in communication, transportation, and agricultural production has impacted the economic growth of the United States.


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