Top 10 Travel Tippers in Nagoya

1. ShinKan-Sen

You have two options to get to Nagoya from Haneda (or Narita) airport. Either you can get a flight ticket to get to Nagoya or you can ride the Shin-Kan-Sen (Bullet train). If you ask which way is the cheapest, it depends. The air ticket might have a cheaper deal depending on the time and season however the price of a Shin-Kan-Sen doesn’t change since it’s owned by the government. Although, whichever the case, you should try riding the Shin-Kan-Sen once in a lifetime. Shin-Kan-Sen today, goes fast as 300km/h (half the speed of sound).

One of the most famous ways to spend your time on the train is to buy an Eki-ben (Bentou you eat inside the train) and spend a pleasant way to your destination. Japanese people virtue not only the taste by eating the actual food but to taste with the eyes. The bullet train runs through great views of the ocean, mountain, and local villages. Enjoy your time at the bullet train getting some Eki-ben with you.

2. Transportation

Also, when the express train arrives at the Nagoya station, there is a tourist bus called the Meguru Nagoya Kankou route bus. One-day passes are sold aboard Meguru buses. Ask to purchase one when you ride the bus. The other locations that sell One-Day Passes include the iCenter at Oasis 21, the Kanayama Tourist Information Center, and major travel agencies. Fees are 500 yen for adults and 250 yen for children. Also by purchasing the ticket, you can discount to multiple tourist locations.

Go to “” for more about Me~guru Nagoya Kankou route bus. (メーグル名古屋観光バス)

3. Places to stay

Depending on where to visit, all rely on where you want to stay. Although, in Nagoya, most of the tourist area in Nagoya are fairly close to the Nagoya station and are on the east side of the station. There are several hotels in that area and deals depending on the season and vacancy.

4. Nagoya Castle

Through Japanese history, Nagoya Castle used to be the major landmark, and the Nagoya Castle is one of the most famous castles in Japan. This castle is known to be the castle of Tokugawa Shogun (Warrior), in the 16th century, which on top of the castle there was a statue of a golden fish, made with real gold. Later the gold from the status was scraped away and was replaced with other material little by little, because of the famine in the later decade, and the castle itself was burned down after the war. Although the castle has been rebuilt and now the castle can be observed as a museum. The entrance fee is 500 yen per adult and their business hours are from 9:00~16:30. The location is one of the routes that Me~guru tourist bus stops by.

5. Toyota Museum

Nagoya is the birthplace of the Toyota Motor Vehicle industry. The whole prefecture respects the Toyota industry and there are headquarters, museums, factories, colleges, and many Toyota related places in Nagoya. The location is one of the routes that Me~guru tourist bus stops by.

6. Food

In Nagoya, most of the famous food uses the ingredient called miso, which many of you might be familiar with miso soup.

Top 10 Foods in Nagoya

7. Drinking

Basic map of Nagoya

8. Shopping areas

Basic map of Nagoya

9. Festivals and events

10. Other major Tourist areas in Nagoya

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