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Based on the Myer-Briggs readings and assessment, I found that personality plays a great role in how a person chooses to live their lives. In the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), through the Human Metrics Jung Typology Test, I was evaluated to be an ENTJ. I scored small preference of extraversion over introversion, moderate in intuition over sensing, slight preference of thinking over feeling, and a moderate in judging over perceiving. Personality has a significant effect on strength, weakness, interest, and values in working towards a future career.


My primary strength I have as ENTJ can feel motivated to find flaws in the system and improve it to perfection. Always bringing a motion of change would bring increased production and growth in performance. A challenge would be a rather greater motivation for me, and I feel encouraged by feeling that I am constantly improving me and my community.

I believe I follow the ENTJ trait as a strategic thinker. It can be also said about people with ENTJ personality is that they adapt firmly in efficiency. Organizing a team to regularly change to improve and I enjoy constructing long term goals and future plans for that matter. “ENTJs have a natural tendency to marshall and direct” (Humanmetrics Inc., 2017b).In an organization, I would be able to accomplish difficult tasks more efficiently through the energetic and optimistic strength I have. I believe my personality to continuously improve and strategic leadership gives me a greater edge in my future career.


I find my greatest weakness in being impatient, which is one of the characteristics of ENTJ with strong temptation for efficiency. It is never a strategic measure however certain circumstances have a huge risk in being impatient. Jumping into uncertainty is a without knowledge is a risky thing to do as a career and as a team. I always remind myself to take a step back again and check again. Implementing a second confirmation procedure help in running a project in an organization smoother and much more efficient. Five minutes of double checking can save hours of lost time in fixing a mistake. Although, through risky decisions, I would have a better experience in a situation where I would need to improvise. “Improvising on the fly is something many ENTJs do very well” (Humanmetrics Inc., 2017b). As an ENTJ, I believe that I have the skill to weigh the risk and able to make new and dynamic plan to step forward.


My interest mostly revolves around my work. I put my job where I would like to proceed as a future. I currently work as a system engineer and my interest also in studying computer and programs. In my time off work, I enjoy going to meet up communities in my area to share knowledge in system engineering and the technology work today. I also enjoy studying and creating my lab environment at home. I find that my interest is my lifestyle and I find a job as part of my life style that I enjoy.


I would like to keep my values clean and straightforward. I appreciate things that sustain and can grow. One of the most important aspects that I value is education and experience. Education is something that can improve over time by learning, and I believe the knowledge gained through education can provide a foundation for new chances and discovery. It can also be shared and benefit people around you.


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