Network Types of Topology

Network professionals should clearly understand OSI and why it is important.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of “star,” “mesh,” and “bus” topologies within corporate environments?

The OSI model one of the most important things that network engineer should put in mind. The reason why the TCP/IP OSI model is so important is that it defines the different level of network operation of the TCP/IP and its function. There are seven layers in the OSI model and by having a defined level of different layer helps the engineer to see the network environment in various perspectives.

Another thing that a network engineer must be cautious is the network topology. Depending on each situation, a network engineer would need to consider the type of network topology. The network topology to consider is the star topology, the bus topology, and the mesh topology. The bus topology is very simple, where every networking device connects to the same cable. The major advantage of having a bus topology is that the bus topology would allow to infrastructure this network at a meager cost. (Mitchell, 2017) The disadvantage of the bus topology is that since all of the networking devices are connected to a single cable the network speed would decrease and there would be packet drop by stimulus cable connection.

For a star topology, would usually be involving a network hub or a switch to create this network. All the networking devices would be connecting to a single hub or a switch. The disadvantage would be if the hub goes down all the network connection would go down and would be pricier than the bus topology. An advantage of a star topology is that the topology would be that when one network device loose connection or a bad cable, the network connection would be stable for the other networking devices.

A mesh topology would be networking devices are all connected to each other, having redundant paths. The disadvantage of a mesh topology is installation and configuration are more complicated than with the star or a bus topology. (Michell, 2017) The distinct advantage of a mesh topology is that it provides redundancy of the network connection.


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