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Today, the ‘internet’ has become our everyday life and have brought huge impact in businesses and the economy around the world. Jack Ma, founder and exclusive chairman of internet based e-commerce firm Alibaba, has inspired numerous people around the world and built his company to become a 24 billion dollar empire. (Thefamouspeople.com) His way to success is truly remarkable and he has also inspired me in my way of thinking, how to become a leader in this modern world.

I cannot say is the best leader of all time but as of how and what he have done in his life that made a difference, has impacted my way of thinking in my everyday life. One of the major point is to have fun. As he developed his company, he have focused on energetic and entertaining atmosphere, where he have learned in his studies in the western culture, rather than a traditional Chinese office environment. He occasionally sing karaoke and entertaining employee even in serious meetings. Which this has led to success in having hard working, loyal employees and manager in his company. (Enterpreneur.com) I apply some of his traits in my work life as well. Since I work at a Japanese owned IT company, working as a system engineer, things can be very uptight, strict, and a bit stressful. I started off by telling small jokes or a funny story time to time during meetings and in situation where I need to take the lead. Some might think my jokes are stupid but I can already see that I have broken the ice and lighten up the mood. Changing the atmosphere definitely brought more motivation to people working around me and I believe that people I have affected has also motivated people around them as well. Who can do hard work without any motivation.

Another point where I found inspired by Jack Ma, was his life that he never gave up. He has been declined so many jobs and universities, as he grasp for success. Where I has well has been, declined and denied so many times to become an engineer, but I have followed my passion. Now engineering is my life and as I have learned about his success story, allow me to follow my passion stronger. Jack Ma is certainly a leader with great passion and unique sense of leadership, which his story allow me to change and improve my everyday life.

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