Importance of Computer Education at School

December 19th, 2017

It is evident that companies and incorporate still lack security, at the same time carrying millions of personal information of clients. Currently working as a system engineer, I see a great need for the future generation to be adapted to new technology. Working at an information technology industry, I have examined the speed of growth of technology that we have been examining is enormous. More the world become dependent on technology, the future generation should not only use the technology but be able to build and understand the technology that they will use. Personal information has value and people should have an understanding of how to protect themselves from their data being taken advantage and how to utilize them it to keep updated. Children should be educated about computer hardware, software, and the danger evolving in cybersecurity at an early age.

Growth and Demand for Computer Technology

From my experience, growing up with video games back in the 90s, I physically felt the great technological advances that have been made. I remember playing a handheld video game with a black and white screen during elementary, but by the time when I was in high school, I was able to browse YouTube on my video game console. The speed at which technology has improved in our generation is substantial and has kept accelerating at a substantial rate. Not only video games but television, cellphones, music players, and the internet have made a huge leap in technology. This great growth in the development of computer technology has expanded rapidly throughout the whole world.

In my early years after graduating high school, I studied computer networking, which has led to an opportunity to work at a government-owned internet service provider in Japan. I soon find myself in a large, freezing room full of loud roaring machines stacked over each other, every once a month. I felt astonished and amazed to examine what was really under the hood of the great internet. Going through thousands of diagrams illustrating network circuits connecting all around the world, gave me clearly understand the scale of this great technological revolution. So many of the businesses today relying on technology. Experts say that today computer science has become more predominant in schooling today because it connects to multiple career paths, computer science is intellectually important, computer science is important to industries, computer science supports and links to other sciences, and computer science helps both scientific and societal problem-solving. (Zendler & Hubwieser, 2013, pg. 131) A large amount of demand in servicing so many of our secretary needs has become one of the big reasons why technology has grown so fast. Computer technology has filled in the demand of industries and almost about everything.

I was also able to walk through an underground tunnel that connects the entire Tokyo city. Tokyo city renovated the cabling from electricity pole to cabling by an underground tunnel. There would just not be enough capacity to route the network cables through the electricity pole and overall appearance-wise, they have decided to the cable through the underground tunnel. The population of Japan has been decreasing, however, the demand for network service kept increasing. The more the populated the area was, the thicker and complicated the underground cable were infrastructure. Technology would be even more evident in our personal life and every single thing that we would use would involve computer technology in the coming future.

Risk in Personal Information

Personal information today has a great value and over the years, there have been numerous incidents of identity theft. By being exposed to your personal information, another person can take over your life. There is a large risk involved in handling personal information.

There is less attention in handling personal information today that is a growing problem as technology enhances today. There is antivirus software and data encryption software, however, people are held liable for their own information.

Evidence 3:

There is a whole library of hacking tool out on the internet that can equally create massive damage to an individual or cooperation depending on how it is used.

Reason 3: Utilizing Technology

Evidence 1:

As technology would be ubiquitous, children should be able to apply technology in their daily life. Allowing children to learn problem-solving utilizing technology. Technology in a certain way can process faster and store information more efficiently than humans. By teaching children to use these tools would greatly enhance their success in the future.

“Results demonstrated the positive influence of the availability of computers in kindergarten classrooms on the long-term development of children’s computer skills and provided empirical evidence for the rationale for the inclusion of computers in kindergarten classrooms” (Saçkes, Trundle, & Bell, 2011, pg. 1703).

Evidence 2:

Many careers require technology and some jobs are even taken over by computers. Many careers such as factory workers and phone operators are known to be rapidly taken over by computer automation. Many careers market such as bus drivers and bank clerks would start shrinking in the coming future.

Evidence 3:

The possibility that can come out of learning computer technology are endless and it is important to teach our future generation to look ahead and look back.


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