Do you believe the way leaders communicate depends on their age or generation?

Modern-day millennials interact the most in social media and the internet than other generation. Through the history of the Great depression and invention of many technologies, I believe that it has shaped way different people with different age communicate today. I believe the simple logic is that the newer generation would be having a better chance of adapting to the most updated technology. Although, I don’t believe that age would limit people to not be able to make use of modern technology. “Overall, more than twice as many Americans think that new technology makes life easier” (Pew Research Center 2010, pg.26) Numbers obviously show that millennials have clear advantage of internet use but boomers also have half of internet use. I believe it is reasonable that the way different age communicate is because of their environment that they are currently in and the social need required. Like how our president and many leaders today use technology to reach others, I believe the understanding of reaching out to others and communication technology has greatly changed.

Being able to reach out to others and bringing change, I believe is the key and adapting to modern communication is important. “The challenges of change encourage the development of a new kind of leader who understands that change is complex and brings about uncertainty—but is the cornerstone of growth and improvement.” (Trybus, Margaret A. 2011, pg. 36) As being a millennial, through working in the technology field, leadership within our generation are more about understanding the unique aspect of each person’s character and bringing an accurate answer to the table where everyone can agree. More technology develops, people are now able to look up an idea to verify the accuracy and credibility of the content during a conversation, which is a powerful tool. Bringing everyone to a solution would be easier if the leader is able to understand its followers, reaching out as far as they can. Which evidently come whereas millennials would be using more and more new technology, as it is more required.

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